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Free Information and Advice sessions for people affected by Memory Loss

We are often told that people feel they don’t know where to know where to turn, when they first have a diagnosis of memory loss. They may receive advice about the symptoms, but not about how to continue to live well and independently, with the condition. People often report that they would appreciate talking over their options

What are the sessions for?

Anyone affected by memory loss, who would like some up to date information about what is available to help them to live well and independently at home

Bob Nelson and Christine Savage are partners in Diagonal Alternatives, and have a great deal of experience in providing assistance and services to disabled people, and their families. They will lead the Information and Advice sessions

We can offer an hour’s Information and Advice session to anyone diagnosed with memory loss, or worried about memory loss. We can also advise family members, on a confidential basis, about concerns or worries they may have if a relative has memory loss

We can offer general advice about benefits, as well as entitlements, and equipment – including telecare. The Information and Advice service is free, and there is no obligation to accept any of our other services

When are they?

Every Wednesday, between 9 and 5, at the Dene Centre

What will the sessions cost?

The sessions are free

Which issues will be covered?

We will respond to any concerns, great or small, that people bring

The issues raised are usually:

Assistance for family carers
Alternatives to full-time care home admission
Arranging support on discharge from hospital
Adaptations and equipment at home

For an appointment, please contact:

Diagonal Alternatives at the Dene Centre, on 0191 467 0007

Website: www.diagonalalternatives.com

E-mail: bob@diagonalalternatives.com



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